Other Wildlife

Birds are not the only wildlife to make a home in your garden.  Here at Soar Mill Seeds we offer food and habitats for many varieties of wildlife.  We supply food for badgers, swans, hedgehogs, squirrels and many more plus homes frogs and bats.

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Brambles Swan & Duck Food is a complementary food specially formulated to give the right balance of nutrients, vitamins & minerals for swans and ducks, and its is also suitable for, moorhens and coots.
The Chavenage Bat Box is a single chamber quality nesting box for bats. These protected mammals have lost many roosts in recent years. This natural timber Bat Box will provide a roost for a variety of species. 

Some people feed squirrels their own food to keep them away from the bird table.

With this mix of nuts and fruit they may be encouraged to keep off the bird feeders!

Wild Things Badger and Fox Food is a selected blend of meat protein, carbohydrates and fats, with added vitamins and minerals, and the crunchy nuggets are the size and shape they love. 
Wild Things Swan & Duck Food is a small, dry nugget that floats on water, remaining accessible to the birds for longer and helping to prevent the water pollution caused by decaying food.

As well as being far more nutritious than bread, it is also extremely tasty!!

Our heavy duty squirrel feeder is designed to stand up to the demands of squirrel feeding.

This  strong peanut hopper with lifting lid is a fun way to feed wild squirrels in your garden or woodland area. The squirrels will quickly learn to lift the lid to access the peanuts visible behind the perspex screen.  You can help them learn by initially propping open the lid with a stick so they get the technique.

The 'Frogilo' provides an attractive and safe retreat for frogs and toads in any garden.