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Welcome to Soar Mill Seeds fellow bird and nature lovers!

Bird Food

We offer a wide range of premium quality, fresh, nutritionally-balanced birdseed. We have made it easy to select which seed is best for your needs by refining the drop-down menu by the birds that visit your garden. If you’re unsure which species they are, use our handy bird spotting guide or contact us for expert advice!

Bird Feeders

Whether you’re a novice to birdwatching or a seasoned pro, our range of feeders will help introduce new species into your garden. We have the perfect solution for every garden size, budget, food type and to prevent potential predators. There are currently 598 named species of birds in the UK. Don’t delay; start spotting them today!

Garden Wildlife

We are committed to protecting wildlife. Hedgehogs, bats, sparrows, song thrushes and stag beetles are all threatened species but, by creating wildlife-friendly gardens, offering shelter and the food sources they enjoy, you can see nature outside your back door. We offer a comprehensive range of affordable products to make attracting, caring and feeding visitors to your garden simple.

Suet and Worms

Winter is a tough time for our feathered friends, who can struggle to find natural food sources. Our range of high-calorie suet and worms, will not only give them a tasty, nutritious meal but will provide them with the energy they need to survive, encourage them to return and attract different species of birds into your garden.

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