Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a traditional method of attracting wild birds to your garden. Our feeders range from small and basic all the way to very large and specialised. Coming in a variety of designs, bird feeders not only provide decoration in your garden but also an excellent way to feed seeds, peanuts and mixes.

Bird feeding stations offer a great way to hang feeders.  By Introducing a feeding station into your garden you are providing wild birds with another feeding opportunity whilst also creating flexibility to place hanging feeders anywhere in your garden.

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Keeping out certain bird and animal species but allowing your favourite birds to feed in safety is a challenge. With this fully adjustable safe cage you can go a long way to helping out. (Shown with optional Seed Tray). Hanging feeders can be hung from the central ridge. 
A real must for your Big Easy Feeder and very easy to fit.  Fits all Big Easy Models in seconds.  Clear Tough clear polycarbonate wont crack or discolour in sunlight.  Drainage holes prevent waterlogged seed.
A handy heavy duty metal wall bracket makes positioning your feeder that much easier.
Bird Feeder Guardian Small- A neat little cage that fits simply over your Droll Yankees feeder to help keep out squirrels and larger birds. 
This product is JUST the cage and base. It is designed to fit the "Droll Yankee" range of feeders - NG midi, JP midi and NGN midi.
Ideal for hanging Wild Bird feeders from tree branches. 
A wild bird feeder that keeps all predators away from the food meant for your robin or tits. 
Cast iron bird silhouette hook for hanging Baskets or you can use it to hang up your bird feeders around the garden. 

A solidly made little tray that can be used for feeding mealworms and seed (Shown with peanut granules). 
Key features include: 

Heavy duty base allows feeding stations to be used on a patio or other hard surface 3.5 kg 
Diameter 60cm (24")
Here is your chance to see birds feeding up really close. Our new Dewdrop Wildbird Window Feeder is designed to stick to your window pane using the attached rubber suckers. The Dewdrop window feeder is made of clear Perspex so you can get an unobstructed view of the birds dipping in and out of the feeder for food.
A tough squirrel proof dome to protect bird feeders and feeding stations from squirrels and other climbing food stealers! 
Top of the range feeding station complete with 2 seed feeders, 1 peanut feeder, Barley twist fat ball hanger and a suet cake feeder as well as a water bowl and large seed tray. 
Droll Yankee garden pole creates a feeding station for your garden with add on extras, scroll hooks for a range of Droll Yankee feeders. 
Quickly and easily adapt your Droll Yankee Garden Pole to carry a tray and/or feeder.