Straight Foods

Our wide range of nutritious foods will keep wild birds coming to your feeders and feeding stations all year round.  These single seeds are ideal if you wish to feed specific birds. Our best selling straight food is Sunflower Hearts as they are extremely popular with a variety of birds.

At Soar Mill Seeds we supply all our straight food in 6 convenient bag sizes. These sizes range from 1.25kg, 4kg, 8kg, 13kg, 24kg to 26kg. Our wide ranges offer nutritious food sources which will keep the wild birds coming to your feeders. 

The best feature of our straight food is the ability to create your own mix and with are unique bags sizes this makes this great opportunity for you to create something special for your visiting wild birds.

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AS SEEN ON TV! Successfully tested on BBC Winterwatch 2018! A very oily seed it contains high fat levels and lots of Calories.
Our Black Sunflowers are specifically chosen for their high quality. These high oil seeds are packed with energy and are protein rich, ideal for those harsher seasons when natural resources are low.
Canary Seed is a well known seed, liked by many of the finches and a great seed for making up you own mix.
Just right for mixing with seed for ground feeding birds.
Ideal for ground feeding and popular with a variety of Wild Birds.
Although tiny Niger Seed is an oil-rich energy provider packed with nutrition.
Whole peanuts in feeders are not accessible to all birds, so the easy-to-eat size of the granules allows smaller and softer beaked birds to absorb their nutritional contents, and feed them to their fledglings too.
Our Peanuts are sourced from only the finest quality crops, having been checked and tested for any detectable Aflatoxin, which can be fatal to birds.
A large heavy seed much loved by Finches. Bullfinches seem to particularly enjoy it.  We already use it in our Dove and Game and Extra mixes but you can buy it here as a straight seed for your own mix.
A regular best seller and a real alternative to peanuts, being just as high in energy.
White Millet is widely used by bird-keepers as it forms the staple part of may small seed-eating cage and aviary birds.