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50/50 Budgie is a classical breeding mix, consisting of equal portions of best quality high protein canary seed and white millet. For extra vitamins and minerals, add Bamfords Budgie Tonic as required for the appropriate season.
These high energy fat balls come in a net ready to hang.
Here at Soar Mill Seeds we offer a wide range of Suet based treats which provide a hi-energy food source which is easily metabolised by the wild birds visiting your garden.
AS SEEN ON TV! Successfully tested on BBC Winterwatch 2018! A very oily seed it contains high fat levels and lots of Calories.
Our Black Sunflowers are specifically chosen for their high quality. These high oil seeds are packed with energy and are protein rich, ideal for those harsher seasons when natural resources are low.
These high energy fat balls come in a net ready to hang.
Feldy Premium food balls provide the quality nutritional value required for birds with intense, high energy lifestyles. Ideal for hanging, placing on the ground or on bird tables, our food balls can help attract a wide diversity of bird species to your garden.
Canary Seed is a well known seed, liked by many of the finches and a great seed for making up you own mix.

Cluckers Mixed Grains is an ideal scratching treat for your pet birds. Scatter on the ground & encourage natural foraging.

Continental Budgie is an enticing, multi-blend of seeds that offer birds a varied diet. Continental Budgie contains many oil-rich, condition building seeds that promote quality plumage and optimum health.
This is clean cut maize which is suitable for all kinds of Poultry including Ducks, Geese and Game Birds to supplement their compound diet of pellets or mash.   

Scattered on the ground it will help to satisfy the birds natural instinct to scratch and forage. Clean fresh water should always be available. 

Deluxe Parrot with Fruit is a premium parrot mix containing a total of 26 ingredients.

The tremendous variety of tropical fruits, nuts, berries and dried vegetables add natural flavour and nutrition to this deluxe mixture, replicating their natural feeding habits.
Dove & Game Mix is suited to the larger bird with well developed crops for dealing with whole grains.  Sparrows and finches love this mix as the wheat is "kibbled" to make the energy easy to get to.