Seed Mixes

Our range of wild bird food mixes are tried and tested to attract a variety of garden birds all year round. Each unique blend provides nutritious food sources which are suitable for feeding from seed feeders, tables or on the ground, transforming your garden into a haven for our feathered friends.

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Dove & Game Mix is suited to the larger bird with well developed crops for dealing with whole grains. 

Sparrows and finches also love this mix as the wheat is "kibbled" to make the energy easy to get to.


Feeder Mix is a specifically designed blend of free-flowing seeds for use in tubular feeders.

Carefully selected ingredients make up this gourmet bird food to ensure every visitor to your feeder will find something they will like.


Fledgling Deluxe is packed full of nutritious foods which have been de-husked or finely chopped into small bite size pieces that are ideally suited to feeding young birds.

The ingredients of Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules, Pinhead Oatmeal, Mealworms and Suet Pellets are both protein rich and energy giving, just what youngsters need to give them a flying start.

Our High Energy No Mess mix has been specifically designed to be husk free to reduce waste, but more importantly reduce the time and energy birds use de-husking their food.

Rich in carbohydrates and oil to provide a vital source of energy our No Mess Mix can be fed all year round and will prove a real favourite.


Island Harvest is a premium wild bird food, carefully designed to be husk-free and ideal for use in hanging feeders.

It contains a whole variety of highly nutritious ingredients that provide the birds with high energy levels

“Not sure which mix to use for your birds ? Then Messenger Mix is the one for you.

Contains all the most popular ingredients to attract your favourite garden visitors the whole year round, including extra tasty mealworms

Our best selling Premium Mix is a guaranteed fresh mix which can be used all year round from a hanging port feeder and is likely to attract a wide range of birds, including the Finches and Tits.  

The unique receipe of this mix appeals to a variety of birds but Robins are especially attracted to the Peanut Granules and Sunflower Hearts that make up this special blend.

This mixture is a highly nutritious combination of soft grains and bite size pieces blended with Sunflower Hearts, protein packed Mealworms and energy boosting Suet Pellets which are the perfect attractant for Robins, Wrens and many other small birds.

Softbill Supreme is a carefully formulated mix based on authentic, natural feeding habits such as mealworms and insects.

The protein packed insects and the energy rich suet pellets create a highly nutritious base, whilst the flavoursome Rowan berries and honey-based Softbill food further enhance its attractiveness to a whole host of garden birds .

Super Table is a highly nutritious blend that will attract many species of birds that feed on tables, trays or on the ground.   

Produced with the highest quality ingredients for soft-billed birds that have difficulty in de-husking the hard seeds


Winter Plus is packed full of exquisite feed which have been de-husked or finely chopped into small bite size pieces.

Our introduction of fragrant Aniseed oil provides the PLUS which enables your birds to source there feeder quicker which is essential in winter months.  


Our Spring Mega Deal offers a great saving of 20% on three of our most popular products. 

This bundle is perfect for the current season with our Fledgling Deluxe, dried meal worms and peanuts offering a wide variety for your feathered friends this spring.