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This ceramic feeding dish is ideal for serving food for our favourite small mammal.
Treat yourself to a really close up view of birds.

Here’s a great way to see birds really close-up – and it also makes an ideal secondary feeding point for any garden.
This tough, highly practical Canopy shields TreatTray™ and its contents from rain.

I Love Robins® Window FeederGet a totally unobstructed view of birds feeding up close
Enjoy a really close-up view of colourful garden visitors with this elegant full-size feeder that fixes firmly to any window.
The Ring Pull Niger Seed feeder by Jacobi Jayne is designed specifically to use with wild bird niger seed and will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden
Peanuts are a popular choice with many garden bird species, including rarer visitors like woodpeckers and nutchathes.
The Ring Pull PRO Niger Seed feeder in a premium feeder developed by Jacobi Jayne and is designed specifically to use with niger.  This feeder features an easy to fill, lift-off lid to keep the contents dry and coated metal perches, allowing birds to feed in comfort.
A stand-out choice for any garden, this Ring-Pull™ seed feeder is brilliantly easy to clean - and every single part can be replaced in moments with no tools needed.
The feeder comes complete with legs that raise the feeder by 7.5cm off the ground, helping to prevent feed contamination and a rain hat which protects the feed from wind and rain. Also the feeder has integral fins that will reduce the waste 
Quality feeder for peanuts, backed by our Lifetime Guarantee
Now restyled with an ingenious twist-off base and backed with a lifetime Guarantee – Ring-Pull Pro is crafted to outlast all other feeders. Chunky metal fitting, to help resist chewing Squirrels and the worst of the weather.
The Jacobi Jayne Rain Guard  keeps your feathered friends dry during winter downpours or summer showers