Pet Birds

Feeding your pet birds a healthy diet can be costly and time-consuming. Here at Soar Mill Seeds finding the perfect food for your pet is easy as we offer a range of well-balanced complete feeds.

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Tip Top Condition Seed is an amalgam of easily digested nutritious small seeds which helps build and maintain peak condition in pet birds.  The enticing aniseed aroma not only makes this very appetizing, but can also help you train your chickens and keep them tame. 
Red Comb is a unique food which provides your pet birds with a fantastic variety of tasty grains. The blend of grains offers a fantastic, nutritious variety that your chickens will go wild for. A happy, healthy chicken makes for eggs full of flavour!
Gourmet Grit is a total grit solution, and much more besides.
The multitude of tasty ingredients combine to help improve digestion and lead to a healthy lifestyle for your pet birds. Gourmet Grit will help your birds in the development of strong bones, in the production of eggs and in the promotion of a silky plumage. 

Cluckers Mixed Grains is an ideal scratching treat for your pet birds. Scatter on the ground & encourage natural foraging.

SuperHerb is a specially formulated herbal drink used as a complementary feed for poultry.