Concept Research has been successfully manufacturing Ultrasonic pest deterrents in Britain for over 25 years. They are proud to say that their Ultrasonic deterrents are the only ones designed and manufactured in Great Britain. All of their products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Their Ultrasonic pest deterrents rid your property & gardens of Cats, Foxes, Mice and Pine Martens.  Their products are inaudible to humans and harmless to all species. Concept Research take pride in their modern high-tech products mixed with their friendly and professional service.

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Using this mains power adaptor ensures that your Concept Research Ultrasonic pest deterrent will always operate at full capacity.
CATWatch, is the only cat deterrent, scientifically tested and approved by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). When the CATWatch unit is triggered, the Ultrasonic bursts cause the cat to retreat and the longer the unit is in place, the more effective it is. It is an innovative and humane way of banishing cats from your property.
Catfree is a safe and humane cat deterrent. It can be used to protect gardens, lawns, flower beds, fish ponds, garden birds and wildlife. Over a short period of time the cat learns to avoid the protected area. 
Pest Controller Banish mice from your home, garden shed, caravan, pigeon loft etc. No more poisons or traps that are dangerous to pets and children. Easy to install and maintenance free. Indoor use only