Raising poultry at home is a rewarding activity the entire family can enjoy. We understand what poultry require to grow healthy and strong. 

At Soar Mill Seeds we offer a selection of Layers Pellets, Layers Mash, Cut Corn and Foraging Cake to ensure your poultry have a mixed and varied diet.

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Poultry Shield is a cleaner, sanitiser and odour neutraliser, designed for cleaning chicken housing and equipment.

Its powerful detergent action dissolves dirt and grease, allowing for easier cleaning and also washing away mites and insects habitat. Poultry Shield can be used on any type of poultry house and is also safe to use with birds present. 

Keep your chicken feed fresh and mouse-free in this attractive powder coated storage tin with scoop. 
This is clean cut maize which is suitable for all kinds of Poultry including Ducks, Geese and Game Birds to supplement their compound diet of pellets or mash.   

Scattered on the ground it will help to satisfy the birds natural instinct to scratch and forage. Clean fresh water should always be available. 

Easichick is a dust free wood fibre bedding which has been specially designed for poultry and other birds.   Boasting a host of benefits not found with traditional poultry beddings, this makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to provide the best for their birds from day old chicks to adult birds, while saving themselves time cleaning out houses.
Powder coated carrier for collecting freshly laid eggs and storing stylishly in the kitchen. 

The Hentastic Chick Sticks Hanging Feeder has been designed to be used with the Chick Sticks.
Hentastic Chick Sticks are tasty, all-natural treats, packed with herbs to promote general well-being.
100% Vegetable foraging cake to provide your chickens with a healthy treat.

Johnsons Poultry Housing Spray is for use on pet housing such as chicken coops, aviaries and hutches to kill mites, lice, fleas, larvae and other insects.

Housing Spray will provide protection from infestation for several months.

This natural organic diatomaceous earth powder, works by causing the insects to dehydrate. 
Johnsons Poultry Tonic provides birds with a palatable tonic, enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to promote good health and vitality. 
Layers Mash is a complete feed, containing the same nutrients as our Layers Pellets but in meal form.  Layers Mash is carefully formulated so your birds produce good quality eggs with rich yolks.  

Our recipe contains all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements to provide good health and well being in  birds as well as supporting good egg production.

Layers Pellets are formulated so your birds produce high quality eggs with rich yolks.

Our recipe includes vital vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D3 for bone strength, shell quality and a rich yellow yolk colour. This premium, high protein, complete diet is suitable for all adult laying poultry, and can be fed ad-lib from the point of lay.  

Durable plastic Poultry Drinker with twist lock base and a hanging handle. 
This Poultry Feeder also comes with twist lock base and is made to match the Poultry drinker.