Are you looking for a unique gift? Then you've come to the right place!  Our selection of wild bird and garden themed products offer an attractive solution.  With a full range of books, cards, ornaments and products for younger wildlife lovers they make a practical and fun gift solution. 

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Bring a touch of the wildlife into your garden with this delightful Fox garden ornament.

Exactly 100 facts about the fascinating world of birds... 

This pack includes five different wonderful snapshots; Buzzard Circling Overhead, Tawny Owl, Sparrow Hawk, Little Owl and a Barn Owl. 

This pack includes five different wonderful snapshots from the beautiful farm animals and scenery. 
This pack includes five different wonderful snapshots of a Goldfinch, Robin, Chaffinch, juvenile Blackbird and a curious clinging Blue Tit. 

This pack includes five different wonderful snapshots from our amazing countryside. Pictures include a herd of Deer, resting Fox, wandering Badger, dashing Hare and a majestic Stag. 

Thousands of our garden birds die each year due to collisions with windows.
Well I've heard of a pig in a trough but this one's in a barrel! Great little character planter. 
Charming Cast Iron Bird Door Knocker 

Pack contains: 

Single Cake Suet Feeder, SAI Single Suet Cake, SUP718 Fat Ball Feeder, Pack of 6 Fat Balls, BAM104 Insect Suet Treats Pouch 500g, SUP997 Seed Feeder, Premium Mix Trial Bag, SUP995 Peanut Feeder, Peanuts Trial Bag, DMW201 Dried Mealworms Pouch 100g. 


Pack contains: 

JJSF Single Cake Suet Feeder,  SAI Single Suet Cake,  SUP718 Fat Ball Feeder,  Pack of 6 Fat Balls, SUP997 Seed Feeder,  Extra Mix Trial Bag. 

This lovely designed album is made for storing all of your friends and families birthdays so you don't miss an important date. 
This book is great for keeping Children entertained on journeys or when out and about. 
Flip up the lid on this cube and inside you will have paper for taking quick notes. 
A practical and easy-to-use, fully illustrated guide to the birds of Britain and Europe. 

It is in a clear see-through plastic jacket, to help you keep it clean whilst in use - wipe clean surface.