Attracting birds to your garden is good for the garden as well as the birds but here at Soar Mill Seeds we appreciate that your garden can also provide a wonderful habitat for other wildlife.  Our range of products not only gives you the opportunity to feed other types of wildlife but also house them.

By offering homes and amenities for our little friends they are more likely to come out into your garden in search of food.

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50/50 Budgie is a classical breeding mix, consisting of equal portions of best quality high protein canary seed and white millet. 
BirdMat is just like BeeMat but with a different range of annual and perennial flower and grass seeds specifically designed to attract birds into your garden.
Birds love BirdMat because it provides them with a valuable source of seeds to feed on and nest building materials. A wide range of wild flower and species is included in the mix to attract seed eating birds. 200 x 50cm.
Brambles Swan & Duck Food is a complementary food specially formulated to give the right balance of nutrients, vitamins & minerals for swans and ducks, and its is also suitable for, moorhens and coots.
Constructed from solid, hard wearing FSC certified timber, this butterfly/moth feeder and habitat features a special flower shaped removable feed tray, together with a safe over-wintering chamber. 
Part of our Biome range providing a complete environment for Butterflies including summer and winter house and favourite plant foods in the form of native wildflower seeds.
Butterflies are beautiful and delicate garden insects. 

Our attractant is based on a natural plant extract formulation. 

It may be used with a butterfly box or to attract butterflies to a feeding area. 
The Chavenage Bat Box is a single chamber quality nesting box for bats. These protected mammals have lost many roosts in recent years. This natural timber Bat Box will provide a roost for a variety of species. 

Continental Budgie is an enticing, multi-blend of seeds that offer birds a varied diet.

Continental Budgie contains many oil-rich, condition building seeds that promote quality plumage and optimum health.

Deluxe Parrot with Fruit is a premium parrot mix containing a total of 26 ingredients.
Our Dewdrop Bee & Bug hotel provides nesting tubes for solitary bees & shelter for other beneficial insects in your garden. Solitary bees are wonderful pollinators of fruit, veg and flowers in your garden and as they don't live in colonies or make honey they are non-aggressive and safe around pets and children.
Our multi-species Dewdrop Insect hotel provides safe haven for butterflies, moths and other insects in your garden. Invertebrates of all kinds form the basis of a healthy ecosystem, so they are to be encouraged whole-heartedly in our gardens. The rear of the Dewdop Insect house may be opened so that some twigs or straw can be added to assist roosting.
Pond Sticks provides nutrition for goldfish and koi. Ideal for all sizes of pond fish. Floating Pond Sticks are easy to eat and digest 

A hanging Pollinating Bee Nester in frost-resistant ceramic.

It takes the form of glazed terracotta mug with hanging handle with an attractive bee motif design. The inside is insulated and filled with cardboard nesting tubes perfect for solitary bees.

Pack contains:

Igloo Hedgehog Home (HH10), 2 x Round Hedgehog Feeder (HHSBR), Spike's Semi Moist Hedgehog Food 550g (SPK0685), 2 x Spike's Meaty Feast Hedgehog Food 140g (ZIP5211), 2 x Hedgehog Crumble (SPW010).

The wicker Igloo House offers hedgehogs and other mammals a safe retreat from the many hazards of modern life such as garden strimmers, forks and tools, pets and other predators such as badgers and foxes.