Aviary Mixes

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50/50 Budgie is a classical breeding mix, consisting of equal portions of best quality high protein canary seed and white millet. For extra vitamins and minerals, add Bamfords Budgie Tonic as required for the appropriate season.
Continental Budgie is an enticing, multi-blend of seeds that offer birds a varied diet. Continental Budgie contains many oil-rich, condition building seeds that promote quality plumage and optimum health.
Deluxe Parrot with Fruit is a premium parrot mix containing a total of 26 ingredients.

The tremendous variety of tropical fruits, nuts, berries and dried vegetables add natural flavour and nutrition to this deluxe mixture, replicating their natural feeding habits.
Parakeet & Cockatiel Mix is a best selling, premium mixture for all cockatiel and parakeet-type birds. It contains a great variety of seeds of different sizes, to keep your bird occupied, whilst also meeting all of their nutritional requirements, which will help encourage successful breeding.
Parrot mix is a standard formula that forms a solid base for your parrot's diet. Packed with nutritious seeds and nuts, this mix is designed to maintain optimum health and support the natural feeding instincts.
Super Mixed Canary with Egg is a top of the range canary mix.

It contains numerous oil and protein rich seeds that help prepare birds for the breeding season as well as promoting quality skin and feathering.
Aviary Mix is a premium mix containing a good selection of small, nutritious seeds that appeals to a wide variety of birds, including ground feeding species.
Foreign Finch is a high grade mixture that caters for all varieties of tropical finches.

The panicum millet based formulation ensures there are plenty of nutritious seeds available to aid successful breeding of strong, healthy young.