Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a traditional method of attracting wild birds to your garden. Our feeders range from small and basic all the way to very large and specialised. Coming in a variety of designs, bird feeders not only provide decoration in your garden but also an excellent way to feed seeds, peanuts and mixes.

Bird feeding stations offer a great way to hang feeders.  By Introducing a feeding station into your garden you are providing wild birds with another feeding opportunity whilst also creating flexibility to place hanging feeders anywhere in your garden.

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Fat Ball Feeder with Tray
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Part of our value range of metal feeders.

The Supa Fat Ball Feeder with tray is an all metal construction and has been specifically designed for the feeding of Fat Balls. 


The Rosewood Classic Butterfly Nut Feeder is a beautiful lantern style bird feeder, designed for feeding peanuts and nut mixes.

The peanut feeder is easy to fill and the centre can be removed for easier cleaning. Also available for seed and fat balls


This Supa Wild Bird Large Fat Ball Feeder features a powder coated galvanised wire mesh. This fat ball feeder is suitable for large 500g fat balls.

Simply place the fat balls in the feeder and hang on a suitable branch or hook.


Using wire to suspend birdfeeders often damages trees. The Hang Right prevents this thanks to a plastic coating on the non-rusting stainless-steel cable.

Strong enough to carry our heaviest feeder, even when full.

A handy heavy duty metal wall bracket makes positioning your feeder that much easier.
Supa Caged Fat Ball Bird Feeder is designed to prevent Squirrels and also larger birds such as Pigeons & Doves from eating Fat Balls.
This all Metal Double Suet Feeder comes in a FeedSafe biocidal coating that kills bacteria on contact, ideal for feeding a Double suet cake.
Cast iron bird silhouette hook for hanging Baskets or you can use it to hang up your bird feeders around the garden. 

Light weight hanging Bird Feeder made from FSC certified plywood with bamboo decoration and feeding perch.
A tough squirrel proof dome to protect bird feeders and feeding stations from squirrels and other climbing food stealers! 
Supa Caged Peanut Bird Feeder is designed to keep squirrels and larger nuisance birds such as pigeons at bay, saving food for your smaller feathered friends.
Designed for easy fill. Caged design helps to keep squirrels and nuisance birds from food.
Supa Caged Seed Bird Feeder is designed to keep squirrels and larger nuisance birds such as pigeons at bay, saving food for your smaller feathered friends.
The Sutherland Seed House Feed is a contemporary house shaped wild bird peanut feeder in orange. This feeder stands 8.7"/22cm tall.
A neat little hook for your feeders. Simply spirals anywhere around your pole and allows you to hang a feeder. Now with a 'Pig Tail End' to prevent the wind or squirrels knocking it off! 8" (200mm) long. The weight of the feeder keeps it in position.