Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a traditional method of attracting wild birds to your garden. Our feeders range from small and basic all the way to very large and specialised. Coming in a variety of designs, bird feeders not only provide decoration in your garden but also an excellent way to feed seeds, peanuts and mixes.

Bird feeding stations offer a great way to hang feeders.  By Introducing a feeding station into your garden you are providing wild birds with another feeding opportunity whilst also creating flexibility to place hanging feeders anywhere in your garden.

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Fun way to feed these suet balls, holds 10 no net fat balls in a 250mm diameter ring of plastic coated metal.

Easy to fill and hang from your bird table or feeding station.  Includes 12 Fat Balls


Easy-to-assemble three section pole in durable painted steel.

Spike drives into ground and polycarbonate adaptor allows feeder to be easily lifted off for filling and cleaning. Compatible with most of our feeders.

Heavy duty and very tall at 1.7 m above ground level, ideal for squirrel baffles and the Gardman range of feeders.
Uncomfortable for starlings, impossible for pigeons
How does it work? Openings in the middle section of the metal mesh shroud, align with the wire mesh holding the peanuts, providing birds access to the food. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down to cut off the feeding area. 

Feeder for dispensing Peanuts to Garden Birds.

Constructed from rust resistant galvanised mesh wire with no sharp edges. Easy to fill & maintain and will provide hours of enjoyment as the birds feed. 


Flip Top feeder with metal plastic coated hanger and cage and a magnetic plastic lid for easy access.

This Premium Feeder from Gardman is a great way to feed wild birds all year round

If you have the NG feeders and require more perch rings for them then these are the correct perch rings. Fitting is a simple case of pushing them over the perch rods allowing birds less acrobatic than the tits an easy foot hold. 

Part of our value range of feeders.

Supa Wild Bird Peanut Feeder is a square galvanised mesh tube with a green plastic base and cap fittings.  This simple but effective feeder allows birds to easily feed on tasty peanuts, so they can receive the energy they need quickly and effectively.

The patented Squirrel Buster technology is truly squirrel proof. Thousands of delighted bird lovers have confirmed it. Openings in the wire shroud align with seed ports and provide birds access to the seed. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down, closing access to the seed ports. All squirrels and many large birds are foiled, but not harmed in any way.

Banquet Wild Bird Feeder has a wide, low-profile mouth to reduce or eliminate spillage when refilling. 

Simply fill, hang on a branch or feeding station with the convenient, built-in, stainless steel handle and enjoy watching the inquisitive birds feed.


Part of our value range of feeders.

A handy cost effective way to feed your fat balls without having to use nets. 

Now pulling up your garden feeder pole to cut the lawn has just got a whole lot easier. 

Part of our value range of metal feeders.

Feeder for dispensing Peanuts to Garden Birds. Constructed from rust resistant galvanised mesh wire with no sharp edges.

For the New Generation and A6 feeders provides a more comfort for the birds feet and gives a forward facing access to the feeder ports