Window Feeders

Window feeders offer a wonderful up-close view of your birds. Supplied in a variety of designs window feeders can be easily attached to the window using small suction cups.  Our small range of products offer a convenient and economical choice which is perfect for those who haven't got a garden.

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Here is your chance to see birds feeding up really close. Our new Dewdrop Wildbird Window Feeder is designed to stick to your window pane using the attached rubber suckers. The Dewdrop window feeder is made of clear Perspex so you can get an unobstructed view of the birds dipping in and out of the feeder for food.
Treat yourself to a really close up view of birds.

Here’s a great way to see birds really close-up – and it also makes an ideal secondary feeding point for any garden.
This tough, highly practical Canopy shields TreatTray™ and its contents from rain.

Observe birds close up with this easily attached window feeder. 

No need for a nearby tree or hanging hook accompanied by this Jacobi Jayne Basketball Window Feeder. 

The window feeder comes with suckers for easy attachment and it is both easy to use and refill. 

Make any fence post, wall or shed an instant feeding point with this nifty mounting for Flutter Butter® Pods.
Enjoy a close-up view of birds enjoying Flutter Butter Pods. This window feeder is made especially for new Flutter Butter Pods. Strong suckers adhere instantly to any window. Pod swaps when empty and quick and easy. Simply lift of the feeder for a quick clean-up without having to detach the suckers.