Squirrel Buster Feeders

The Squirrel Buster collection offer our most popular squirrel proof bird feeders. Designed to keep squirrels away, Squirrel Busters use a weight-activated mechanism to instantly close the feeding ports when squirrels arrive.  All models carry Jacobi Jaynes Lifetime Guarantee, safe-guarding you if the feeder's ever damaged by squirrels or other predators.

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Perfectly sized for smaller gardens but every bit as effective as its larger Classic sibling. The weight of raiding squirrels automatically blocks access to feeder ports.

Squirrel Buster's patented Seed Tube Ventilation System lets fresh air enter seed ports and openings at the base of the feeder. Hot, humid air escapes at the top, keeping seed fresh and appealing to birds. Ideal for use with seeds and blends. Four feeding ports at base.

Specially designed for offering seeds and blends, this brilliant feeder shows squirrels that you're the boss.

Birds can feed freely, but squirrels are shut out by the clever mechanism that adjusts in seconds to exclude bigger birds like pigeons, too. With lots more clever touches - like comfortable perches and a unique Seed Ventilation System for fresher food - The Squirrel Buster® gives you an easy win in the battle against the No.1 garden enemy.

The original Squirrel Buster® that started it all, with almost double the capacity of Squirrel Buster® Mini.

Four dual-level feeding ports provide excellent access for perching birds. Squirrel Buster® uses patented, proven technology to stop squirrels in their tracks while allowing visiting birds to feed freely.  The weight of raiding squirrels automatically blocks access to feeder ports. 
This chew-proof feeder drives squirrels nuts. The weight of climbing squirrels automatically forces the shroud down, shutting off the feeder ports.

The patented spring tensioner can be adjusted to exclude just squirrels, or larger birds like pigeons too. The feeder’s unique base design offers plenty of perching space for nut-loving species like woodpeckers.

Cut down on refill trips with this high-capacity feeder that's ideal for seeds and blends.

Adjustable length perches with an easy-grip textured coating provide a stable, comfortable feeding platform. Detachable perch ring gives wider options for birds that prefer to cling face-on while feeding.