Seed Feeders

Our selection of seed feeders for birds are ideal for providing wild bird mixes and straights such as sunflower hearts for your wild birds. For many species of birds, a hanging seed feeder is an ideal and easy way to feed, as it gives them a perfect perch to sit on and all the food they need right in front of them. Our range includes those suitable as sunflower heart feeders and feeders for mixed seed. 

We have an extensive range of seed feeders to accommodate all price ranges.

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A stand-out choice for any garden, this Ring-Pull™ seed feeder is brilliantly easy to clean - and every single part can be replaced in moments with no tools needed.
Now restyled with an ingenious twist-off base and backed with a lifetime Guarantee – Ring-Pull Pro is crafted to outlast all other feeders. Chunky metal fitting, to help resist chewing Squirrels and the worst of the weather.
Show-stopping style and performance Big, bold and beautiful, it's our finest feeder.
Holds more food, cleans without fuss.  This tough, generously sized feeder will save you valuable time with fewer refill trips into the garden. And it’s easy to clean, too.
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Buy 4 for the price of 3 with any of the Get Set Go! products

These personality packed feeders make a great introduction to the fascinating world of wild birdcare, with a choice of four colourful models for seeds, peanuts, niger and suet.

Keep squirrels away from your bird feeder and save seed! The 3kg capacity Droll Yankees Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder is a weight sensitive collapsing clear tray that supports birds and not squirrels. 
Prevent large birds and squirrels from eating all your bird food! You save money on seed when you use a Yankee Dipper Bird Feeder.
Uncomfortable for starlings, impossible for pigeons

Banquet Wild Bird Feeder has a wide, low-profile mouth to reduce or eliminate spillage when refilling. 

Simply fill, hang on a branch or feeding station with the convenient, built-in, stainless steel handle and enjoy watching the inquisitive birds feed.


Supa Harmony Wild Bird Feeder slides easily apart to allow for quick and easy cleaning and it has adjustable perches letting you tailor the feeder to attract the birds you want.

The Harmony bird feeder has a unique interior baffle that keeps seed at every port, even when the seed is running low--more birds get to feed at once!


Beautiful elliptical design with decorative satin nickel finish and locking metal roof. Integrated moving cage closes all four Any Seed ports with pressure from squirrels on the roof.

Unique adjustable depth perches allow you to choose your birds.

Light weight hanging Bird Feeder made from FSC certified plywood with bamboo decoration and feeding perch.

Stylish tapered design with decorative brushed copper finish and locking metal roof. Functional roof tilts when stepped on by a squirrel to close both ports.

The Supa Squirrel X-2 Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder is ideal for feeding birds, not squirrels! It looks great in the garden with a stylish tapered design and decorative brushed copper finish and locking metal roof.

The Sutherland Seed House Feed is a contemporary house shaped wild bird peanut feeder in orange. This feeder stands 8.7"/22cm tall.
Technological advances brings you a feeder that helps reduce disease risks to your wild birds.