Niger Feeders

Niger seeds require a special feeder specifically for Niger seed.  The main difference with the Niger seed feeders compared to others is the use of small port holes which only allow access to Goldfinch or Siskin - the two main species who feed on Niger. 

The size of the hole allows the birds to get their beak in and extract the Niger seed. Soar Mill Seeds offer a variety of Niger seeds feeders ranging from a basic plastic Niger seed feeder to the long green Ring Pull Pro.

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The Ring Pull Niger Seed feeder by Jacobi Jayne is designed specifically to use with wild bird niger seed and will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden
The Ring Pull PRO Niger Seed feeder in a premium feeder developed by Jacobi Jayne and is designed specifically to use with niger.  This feeder features an easy to fill, lift-off lid to keep the contents dry and coated metal perches, allowing birds to feed in comfort.
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These personality packed feeders make a great introduction to the fascinating world of wild birdcare, with a choice of four colourful models for seeds, peanuts, niger and suet.
This great value, smart little feeder comes ready-filled with quality Niger Seed that's irresistible to Goldfinches and other small-beaked birds. Twin seed ports are complimented by dual perch hoops which provide sure footing for feeding finches. Great Value Trial Niger Seed Feeder with clip-off base for quick and easy refilling. Stainless Steel hook for hanging.
Attract gorgeous wild birds into your garden with this niger feeder with tray.  Rich in oil content and highly nutritious, niger seed is a staple in any finches diet.