Ground Feeders

Lots of birds prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground whilst feeding. Our range of ground feeders offer a variety of options for people who wish to feed wild birds at a lower level.  When feeding it is important you don’t forget predator protection.   Our options of ground secure meshes offer protection for your feathered friends.

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Keeping out certain bird and animal species but allowing your favourite birds to feed in safety is a challenge.

With this fully adjustable safe cage you can go a long way to helping out. (Shown with optional Seed Tray). Hanging feeders can be hung from the central ridge. 

The Gardman Compact Ground Feeder Tray is ideal for all ground feeding species. This product is endorsed by the BSA and the BTO
Feeding our birds on the ground holds many security problems for them, from cats to sparrow hawks. 

By using this security cage to protect your feeder will encourage your garden birds to feed in the open and more often. 
A neat way to get the ground feeders such as Blackbird and Robin into your garden. Made from a sturdy honey pine wooden frame with a dark green micro mesh tray, it allows water to drain through stopping the food deteriorating. 

Wooden Ground Feeder Tray