Feeding Stations

Feeding stations offer a great way to hang feeders.  By Introducing a feeding station into your garden you are providing wild birds with another feeding opportunity whilst also creating flexibility to place hanging feeders anywhere in your garden.  Easy to assemble, a feeding station can be added to with a variety of parts so you can create your own designs which will suit the needs of your garden and birds.

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Ideal for hanging Wild Bird feeders from tree branches. 
Key features include: 

Heavy duty base allows feeding stations to be used on a patio or other hard surface 3.5 kg 
Diameter 60cm (24")
A tough squirrel proof dome to protect bird feeders and feeding stations from squirrels and other climbing food stealers! 
Top of the range feeding station complete with 2 seed feeders, 1 peanut feeder, Barley twist fat ball hanger and a suet cake feeder as well as a water bowl and large seed tray. 
Droll Yankee garden pole creates a feeding station for your garden with add on extras, scroll hooks for a range of Droll Yankee feeders. 
Quickly and easily adapt your Droll Yankee Garden Pole to carry a tray and/or feeder.
An extra section for the Droll Yankees garden pole only. Makes this feeding pole 22" (560mm) longer.
Heavy duty and very tall at 1.7 m above ground level, ideal for squirrel baffles and the Gardman range of feeders.
Now pulling up your garden feeder pole to cut the lawn has just got a whole lot easier. 
Reach up to a convenient tree limb and hang your feeders there, without damaging the tree. 

Decorative Hanging Feeder with micromesh tray. Diameter 24cm. Suitable to feed all bird foods.

Here’s a real innovation in the battle against raiding squirrels. Fitting our Garden Pole or any 1” pole, Squirrel Slinky turns your pole-mounted feeder into a no-go zone for squirrels.
A neat little hook for your feeders. Simply spirals anywhere around your pole and allows you to hang a feeder. Now with a 'Pig Tail End' to prevent the wind or squirrels knocking it off! 8" (200mm) long. The weight of the feeder keeps it in position.
A great way to bring all kinds of birds into your garden.