Caged Feeders

For those that need a little help in protecting there bird food our selection of caged feeders provide the best of both worlds; protection from unwanted predators like squirrels and larger birds, and protection from the elements.  Our range includes squirrel resistant feeders as well as feeders that only let in smaller birds. 

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Bird Feeder Guardian Small- A neat little cage that fits simply over your Droll Yankees feeder to help keep out squirrels and larger birds. 
This product is JUST the cage and base. It is designed to fit the "Droll Yankee" range of feeders - NG midi, JP midi and NGN midi.
A wild bird feeder that keeps all predators away from the food meant for your robin or tits. 
Squirrel Proof Die Cast feeder based on the popular range of caged feeders for smaller birds and squirrel protection.   
Squirrel Proof Die Cast feeder suitable for all types of seed mix. This feeder will allow the smaller birds to feed safely while keeping at bay the larger birds and Squirrels.
This squirrel proof nut feeder is guaranteed by The Nuttery for 10 years.
This specialised seed feeder will prevent the body of an average adult grey squirrel and larger birds passing through the bars and stealing the food.
Save costs on wild bird food! Working on the same principle as the very successful Squirrel Beater this feeder will completely stump squirrels and larger birds, but will not harm them.
The patented Squirrel Buster technology is truly squirrel proof.
How does it work? Openings in the middle section of the metal mesh shroud, align with the wire mesh holding the peanuts, providing birds access to the food. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down to cut off the feeding area. 
Supa Cage Fat Ball Bird Feeder is designed to prevent Squirrels and also larger birds such as Pigeons & Doves from eating Fat Balls.
Supa Cage Peanut Bird Feeder is designed to keep squirrels and larger nuisance birds such as pigeons at bay, saving food for your smaller feathered friends.
The patented Squirrel Buster technology is truly squirrel proof.