A great range of accessories designed make your bird feeding experience better.  Our selection of accessories includes bird baths, bird tables, hygiene spray, storage, window decals and many other products.

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Multi Nest Box - For Robins, Blackbirds and Spotted Flycatchers with the front taken off having it as an open fronted box or with the 32 mm hole front plate for blue and great tits.

Norfolk Sparrow Colony Nest Box,

FSC timber with slate effect roof.

This novel and fun roost pouch can give all kinds of animals a safe home in your garden. Can provide safe, cosy places for small birds to shelter from the weather and predators. Wrens are the main bird to use them - up to 12 wrens have been recorded in one roost pocket.
DIY Nesting box. Perfect for keeping children entertained and interesting them in wild birds and wildlife in your garden.
Providing a solid, stable platform for feeding seeds and treats that are easily accessible by a range of birds. The added feeder offers shelter and protection for both birds and seeds from bad weather. 
Copper protection plate for a wooden nest box with 32mm hole. 
Brown stained roof. Made of wood from a sustainable source.

Great for Robins and blackbirds. TOP TIP If you want to get a Spotted Flycatcher to nest then cut off the front so it is only approx 1.5" deep.

The nest box is an attractive and natural silver birch log Nest Box with open front suitable for robins, pied wagtails and spotted flycatchers.

The thick sides provide good insulation for nesting birds and are specially rebuilt to prevent splitting.
This Box is an attractive and natural silver birch log Tit Box that has a natural appearance particularly suitable for the woodland environment.

The thick sides provide good insulation for nesting birds and has been specially rebuilt to prevent splitting.


Rectangular bird table with slate effect roof and scallop detail
Slug Traps can be used in gardens and allotments to protect vegetable patches, seedlings and vunerable plants from damage by slugs & snails.
Sprinkle Support helps to improve birds own natural resistance to infections of all kinds and improve their breeding potential. Simply sprinkle on their usual food.
The Sunset seat is a charming and attractive feeder for smaller garden birds.

The seat back is designed in the form of the sun's rays and the seat swings from its ropes making it an unattractive design for bigger birds which may wish to muscle in.

Keeping your bird table clean and stale seed free just got a whole lot easier with this handy stainless steel scraper. 

Now you can make light work of all your heavy bags with this Handy Camel Bag Clip. A powerful, strong and capable bag clip which has been developed with all those big cumbersome heavy bags in mind.