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Bio degradable Caddy Bags 10 litres

Bio degradable Caddy Bags 10 litres
Product Code: BIO-10

10 litre capacity kitchen caddy bags in a roll of 25 bags. A great way of keeping your kitchen caddy clean, once the bag is full simply tie or knot and toss into the compost or alternatively place in your green waste council bag or box for disposal. These bags are also great for storing vegetables in too! Made from Maize starch so totally biodegradable. BioBag products are made from compostable bioplastic materials based on starch and vegetable oils. These materials are not only degradabe, but certified biodegradable and compostable. The materials are easily compostable and biodegradable to water, CO2 and residual organic carbon (compost), leaving no harmful residues.

£3.25 Quantity
Bio degradable Caddy Bags 10 litres
Bio degradable Caddy Bags 10 litres
Metal Seed Scoop
Wild Bird Feeder Hygiene Spray 500ml
Dog Poo Bags - Bio Degradable
Feeder Fresh
Bio degradable Caddy Bags 10 litres
Ark Klens
Metal Seed Scoop
Wild Bird Feeder Hygiene Spray 500ml
Dog Poo Bags - Bio Degradable
Feeder Fresh
Bio degradable Caddy Bags 10 litres
Ark Klens

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